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Focus area

Energy efficiency
and residentials

focus area

Urban transport
and mobility

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Supporting organisations across Europe to fund large sustainable investments

Bax & Company is a consultancy helping public and private organisations in Europe to secure ELENA grants.

Why apply to ELENA ?

ELENA provide grants for public and private organisations to validate and deploy large sustainable investments projects for energy efficiency and renewable energy investments targeting buildings and innovative urban transport.

Make investments bankable

The ELENA grant aims to facilitate financing and help to overcome existing investment barriers

Get access to expertise

The ELENA programme accelerates investments by increasing the level of local experience and expertise. The grants finance internal project team and external expertise.

  • Why apply to ELENA ?
  • Make investments bankable
  • Get access to expertise
focus areas

What type of investments are eligible under ELENA ?

Our value

Leading consultancy on ELENA grants

With a 100% success rate on our previous applications, we lead and coordinate ELENA applications. 


Diagnostic of investment

We organise a first call to understand the nature of your investment and its maturity; we then assess its eligibility with the EIB.

Structure the investment

With expertise on large investment on energy and mobility projects, we support shaping financing, planning, studies and other activities.

Application to ELENA

We work closely with our client organisations to lead and secure grants to finance sustainability projects.

Our work in numbers

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Financial Director of Parteon, Social Housing Corporation in the Netherlands
We spoke with Jurgen de Ruiter about how the ELENA funding supported their energy efficient renovation and construction of buildings. "Thanks to ELENA funding, we have been able to achieve very positive results so far (…) Our newly built houses have an energy performance coefficient (EPC) below 0.2"

Jurgen de Ruiter

Financial Director of Parteon, Social Housing Corporation in the Netherlands
Our work

Our previous ELENA applications

Why work with Bax & Company ?

We are a leading consultancy in the coordination of large investments in energy and mobility systems.

Ask for an introduction call

We’d be happy to arrange a call with your organisation to discuss how the ELENA programme can support your activities.